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Peter Geyer reading C.G. Jung's
Peter reading C.G. Jung's "The Red Book"

Peter Geyer at the 2009 APTi Conference at Dallas

Peter at the 2009 APTi Dallas Conference

Writing about Personality

I write about type in a number of contexts and he categories here are intended as a useful guide.


Research and Theory

Theory and Research Article Collection from the Bulletin of Psychological Type.pdf

Developing Type: A history from Jung to today (72 kb PDF)

Type, Self and Personality (91 kb PDF)

On difference: models, lives, and human beings (91 kb PDF)

Unfolding, Evolving: type, genes, culture etc (115 kb PDF)

Consciousness and psychological type - An investigation into meaning and relationship (200 kb PDF)


Book and Other Reviews

Type and Typology - A social and historical excursion (147kb PDF)
Far from home - Reading C G Jung's Red Book adventures (147kb PDF)
Getting there. Modelling life - some hints and structures (114kb PDF)
Looking around Stephanie Bunbury's encounter with Alain de Botton (12kb PDF)
Glibly Attractive? Reading in and around Annie Murphy Paul's The Cult of Personality (32 kb PDF)
Developing Models and Beliefs: Reviewing Grant, Thompson & Clarke's Image to Likeness after 20 years of life and type. (40 kb PDF)
Facts, dreams, culture, intimidation - another Jung life (10 kb PDF)

Travel, Culture, Personality

Tarheeled - Seeking consilience in North Carolina (269kb PDF)
Views from the Grassy Knoll and other vantage points - Two perspectives on the Dallas APTi conference (Geyer and Kerr)
Trains and Boats and Planes - Type and tunnelling around Switzerland (368 kb PDF)
Culture, Travel, Psychological Type (340 kb PDF)
I'm your mirror: - Observation, reflection, culture, Hawaii (444 kb PDF)
Siren Song: A journey to the APTi Baltimore Conference (455 kb PDF)
Counted out/in: Type in Bethesda and other views. (587 kb PDF)
Cultural Norms, and other people: Hawai'i, Type and Culture 2006 (481 kb PDF)
Toronto Dreaming: Typetravel in an age of Terror (11 kb PDF)



Is it working for you? - Experiences as a customer and employee with two public organisations (204 kb PDF)

Immigration song: Australians, culture, identity (573 kb PDF)

328 735 kilometres - Persona, cars, labels, life (160 kb PDF)