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Here you can see and read the core elements of my work with personality.

I speak and write on C.G. Jung's theory of psychological types, its theory and practice, history and related ideas, as well as on personality and contemporary society. I've been immersed in type for around 3 decades – investigating, thinking, writing, teaching, speaking...I certified and accredited people in the MBTI® and the Majors™ questionnaires for around 20 years, researching both, teaching them in depth.

I'm not keen to add to the amount of material people already receive, unless I have something to say, so new pieces will randomly appear.

I'll be pleased to hear from you...

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"Peter Geyer looks at things in depth. He will always be thorough. He believes in what he has to say."
Greg Huszczo
Author Tools for Team Excellence; Tools for Team Leadership;
Making a Difference by Being Yourself
"Unarguably one of the world's leading thinkers on psychological type and its ramifications and application."
Hile Rutledge

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